Greenbush Lake

The Greenbush Lake Project is located approximately 150km north-west of Argonaut’s Crescent Lake Lithium Project and sits between East Pashkokogan Lake and Greenbush Lake in Ontario, Canada. The project is held via three mineral claims.

The Greenbush Lake Lithium Project features a large, outcropping spodumene pegmatite with grades of up to 2.46% Li₂O within an area confirmed as having the required geological elements for spodumene pegmatite emplacement.

The known spodumene pegmatite occurrence is 15m wide by 30m in exposed strike length. The actual strike length of the known pegmatite has not yet been determined as the exposure continues under this sedimentary cover to the north and under lake waters to the south. The pegmatite has not been drilled.

The property is yet to be explored by modern, systematic means.

Previous Exploration

Three phases of exploration have been undertaken in the area of the lithium occurrence.

  1. The Ontario Department of Mines discovered the pegmatite around 1965 and took a chip sample across the full width (50 feet) of the outcrop. Analysis of the chip sample returned 1.25% Li₂O.
  2. Placer Development Ltd explored the area for tantalum in 1980. A magnetic survey attempting to define the extent of the pegmatite was unsuccessful, however an assay of the outcrop returned 2.46% Li₂O.
  3. Canadian Orebodies Inc. undertook an exploration program in 2009. Highlights of rock-chip sampling program are shown in Table 1.

Table 1. 2009 Rock-Chip sample highlights, Greenbush Lake Project

Description Li₂O (%)
Outcrop 1.19
Float 1.96
Float 0.85
Float 0.95
Outcrop 1.58