Company Structure


Argonaut Resources NL holds its Australian interests via its 100% owned, Australian registered subsidiary, Kelaray Pty Ltd. Argonaut purchased Kelaray and its portfolio of assets in August 2002.

Kelaray holds Exploration Licences in South Australia plus Mineral Exploration Permits, a Mining Lease and freehold land in Queensland. Kelaray also holds a 33.3% interest in Coombedown Resources Ltd.

Argonaut Resources NL holds interests in uranium projects in South Australia and Northern Territory through its 67% owned subsidiary Orpheus Minerals Limited.


Argonaut Resources NL owns 100% of the British Virgin Islands registered, Hong Kong domiciled subsidiary, Argonaut Resources Overseas Investments Ltd. This holding company holds all of Argonaut’s non-Australian interests.


Argonaut Resources NL holds a 100% shareholding in the Hong Kong registered company Arctic Scene Ltd. Arctic Scene Ltd holds a 100% interest in the Zambian registered company Lumwana West Resources Ltd. Lumwana West Resources Ltd has the right to earn up to 90% of Mwombezhi Resources Ltd, a Zambian registered company which holds a large-scale prospecting licence 22399-HQ-LEL, Lumwana West in North-Western Province, Zambia.